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both In-person and Virtual Mixology teambuilding workshops for team building and parties!

VIRTUAL Mixology Team Building Workshops — You provide us mailing addresses, we prepare materials packages for your team based on the program you choose. Group workshops are 60minutes over Zoom, with everyone learning and then doing the skills — it’s really good fun, as individuals share how things turned out “on their end”! Tons of trivia and behind-the-bar gossip from Kevin’s bartending experiences. Fees are per person and in line with normal offsite events, and Materials Kits are currently going out at cost as a way of facilitating a common experience for everyone on your team. Contact Kevin ASAP, as we need 5-7 days lead time to assemble & mail packages.

CORPORATE IN-PERSON EVENTS: Contact Kevin directly via email to lock down your time slot. Participants provided with a full bar set-up will receive instructions in bartending basics, while creating classic cocktails over a 90-120minute interactive educational period.  Your per-person class fee will include extensive drink-specific glassware, loads of real bartending tools, and material and instruction on post-worthy garnishes. Accompanying options include “Make Your Own Pizza” and the “Mulberry Margarita”.   Our event space is also the Bay Area’s biggest mulberry farm. [Public classes also available; ideal for couples. Email Kevin for details: ]

Kevin has decades of experience teaching, and knows how to keep your event moving along.  This is a unique corporate team building experience which also works great for date nights, adult birthdays, friends night out, wedding parties, Valentines; event dates & times are negotiable. Send an email —> see the bottom of this page… or directly to

what is City of Cocktail™ ?

Latest project from the creators of TheMulberryGuy. After working nights as a bartender, Kevin has tons of behind-the-scenes tips , and wants to help you stare down a complicated craft cocktail menu. The best way to learn is by making your own!

• Thanks to those who have already taken the class: reviews on Yelp.

• perfect as a corporate team building activity, adult Birthdays, Pre-Wedding events, or a fun-romantic celebration party for your someone special & friends.

• For onsite events, we provide all the authentic bar tools: boston shakers, hawthorns, bar spoons, cutting boards, knives, peelers, muddlers. Plus real glassware for each of the lessons.

• For virtual team building and parties, we can ship you the materials, or provide you a list of class materials necessary. Contact Kevin directly to discuss: 650.WELL.COC

How to Book a Class

Contact if you are a small party, and we will figure something out. The best onsite group classes have 10-30 participants. Our event space is flexible, with lots of options available, including clubhouse time, orchard views, and pizza-making.

Virtual Mixology classes available, too, via Zoom. From 6 to 90 people, it’s a great way to bond your team together, even when you are physically separated! We produce and mail the kits… no need to go shopping.

City of Cocktail™ is a unique spin on the cooking class model. Your per-person event fees cover:

• 60-90 minutes of interactive cocktail and service instruction. It’s about education and fun! Detailed instruction on how to make photo-worthy garnishes that impress your friends.

• immense material preparation — your bar station comes with authentic glassware, garnish materials, shakers, bar spoons, spouts, muddlers, etc.

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